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      If you’re looking for the best deals on gently used and certified pre-owned knives you’re in the right place!

      At Southern Blades, we curate only the best pre-owned knives around including stellar deals from your favorite brands like Microtech, Marfione Customs, Heretic Knives, Blackside Customs, Chaves Knives, and many other popular knife brands. So, whether you’re looking for that impossible-to-find, rare custom knife, or you just want the best bang for your buck, a certified pre-owned knife from Southern Blades is the place to shop!

      Each Southern Blades certified pre-owned knife undergoes a strenuous multi-point inspection to making sure you’re getting a knife that will serve you for years to come. We grade on a simple system laid out below.

       Certified Pre-Owned Knife Grading Scale:

      • Poor – A hard user with no box included. Many defects, abrasions, and scratches. Resharpening has occurred. Southern Blades will generally not buy or sell poor condition blades.
      • Good – Carried and used. May or may not have original packaging. Many abrasions, snail trials, and marks on the blade from general use.
      • Great – Carried and gently used, may or may not have original packaging. Several very minor abrasions on clip, body, or blade.
      • Excellent – Opened box, possibly a very minor defect or abrasion that’s hard to find. Original packaging included.
      • Mint Condition – New, opened box, but unused in original condition and packaging.

      Southern Blades buys, sells, and trades only the most popular pocketknives on the internet. We make selling your knife, or trading your knife in for store credit, incredibly easy. Each deal is unique as the many knives we carry. If you’re interested in selling or trading your pre-owned knife, please use the CONTACT US form for more details!

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